This resulted in revenue growth, team motivation
and career development across the company.


Case Studies

Active Hotels – B2C
In 1998, four weeks after three entrepreneurs began an internet based online hotel booking service employing an innovative French internet telephone, BeStrategic was appointed to advise on business strategy, organisation structure and marketing and sales skills for the fledgling company. In 2004 the business was sold for $161m to Priceline, an American entrant to the European market. Our key input at this early stage enabled the right strategy and tactics to be put in place that enabled significant growth. Our advice was on marketing and sales, the route to market, the structure needed to capitalise upon the use of the new internet facility and sales and customer care skills. Several examples of preventing the client taking inadvisable tactical steps were applied to this business in the areas of international market expansion, direct marketing and service structure and are an excellent example of the law that says strategy is also about not doing certain stuff!

Crowne Plaza/Holiday Inn – B2B and B2C
Over a three year period, BeStrategic conducted strategic reviews in all of the standard “core brand” and “Crowne Plaza” hotels in England leading to the facilitated design of individual marketing plans for each hotel. Providing the techniques and leadership during training and consultancy workshops, we enabled each hotel to utilise its complete management team to devise their customised local plan for the development of the business. We also conducted all of the qualitative market research that led to the enhancement of the executive Crowne Plaza offering at Heathrow and contributed to the initial Holiday Inn Express concept. This resulted in revenue growth, team motivation and career development across the company. We also conducted an analysis of the integration of the International Hotels and Holiday Inn sales teams at the time of the acquisition by the former.

Leicestershire NHS Partnership – B2G
During the period that this trust was preparing for Foundation Trust status, we took the board through the process of strategy development and were invited to take the process throughout the organisation. The operational elements of the trust were separated into five units focusing on specific demographic and family sectors and marketing plans prepared to enable each to take the board strategy to the public. Training sessions were held to communicate the tactical plans to the staff in each of the sectors.

Norman Hay plc – B2B
Norman Hay comprises three key companies in the surface coatings business servicing the aerospace, automotive and oil and gas sectors. BeStrategic has facilitated the strategic plans and managed workshops for all three companies to enable implementation. One of the initiatives was to take the business towards specialist knowledge of these specific market sectors. Qualitative market research has been conducted to determine the company’s distinctive competitive advantages and sales teams trained in negotiating skills and price management. One of the workshops involved bringing together members of a joint venture business operating in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore to develop the ongoing strategy. To date, revenues are up partly attributable to this two year intervention.

Seagram – B2C
Between 1995 and 2000, BeStrategic assisted with the development of the importing agents and distributors of Seagram brands in ten countries ranging from Russia and Turkey to South Africa and India. The main thrust of these assignments was to evaluate the performance of specified brands in relation to the distribution channels, competitive pressures and price. The work led to extensive training programmes delivered both to Headquarters staff at The Ark in Hammersmith and to the sales teams of each distributor. Over this period, we converted the arms length “trading” relationships into “partnerships” with the distributors thus extensively growing the business. This assignment unfortunately came to an end when the company sold all of its 250 brands to a combination of Vivendi, Diageo and Pernod Ricard.

The Moller Centre, Cambridge – B2B and B2C
BeStrategic enabled Churchill College, Cambridge University to launch its residential management education centre in 1995 and build it into a successful commercial business. BeStrategic devised the business strategy, educated the new team in strategy, sales and marketing and enabled it to differentiate itself from the university which was considered essential for commercial business success. Over the period that the two organisations have worked together to 2009, we established the sales and marketing functions, hired the appropriate staff and trained them in sales thus building the revenue stream into a sustainable business. This is now the market leading conference centre in East Anglia.