I know you believe your customers are
buying on price – but they aren’t!

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cracked eggMike started his career seeking a position in marketing at Rank Xerox. He was in fact, the first graduate employed by Rank Xerox. It is well recognised by the knowledgeable that at the time, Xerox was the market leader in marketing and sales thinking. Mike considered it unfortunate at the time that he was immediately sent on selling exercises before he was allowed near the controls of anything approximating to marketing! His view was amended however, when he discovered that sales meant sales training school in Fort Lauderdale followed by some weeks in the Miami branch and then two years on a sales territory and in sales support in Sydney!

Sales is a profession, not extensively practiced in Great Britain. People wander into it, undertake no training and learn poor practice from their peers. Much help has been given by BeStrategic to client teams in sales negotiating techniques and selling the right price to clients all over the world.

Sales is the profession that delivers the top line revenue and gross margin with support from Marketing. Without sales, the rest of the people may go home. It is the most important function in the business. It should not be left to non professionals.

We teach the understanding of market segments, buyer behaviour, how to differentiate and sell the price and how to negotiate for the best outcome for both parties.