Cost reduction is not a strategy.

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eyeStrategy is the board and management process that provides direction to the business. It is the plan that will take you to the Vision or where you would like the business to be in five years time. It is critically important. Tactics are not. Most of us are tactical.

We teach and provide hands on support to our clients to think more strategically and to employ our best practice models and tools for designing their strategic plans. Mike learnt these approaches at Rank Xerox and at Xerox in the USA during the seventies where they were avidly practised. In effect, the business schools have sought to catch up with these processes and create models and document what Xerox was doing at that time.

Several excellent books that we recommend mirror the way that Xerox prepared its strategic plans in those days. Mike’s practical business experience gained over the subsequent thirty years has proven which models work and which approaches will apply to which client. Some clients take a long time for the penny to drop!